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Cosmopoint International University College

Established in 1991, COSMOPOINT SDN BHD started up with 1 employer and 2 employees. With the initial service as an IT training centre, the centre expanded tremendously over the last decade. Surpassing the test of time, quality and services, Cosmopoint has excelled within itself as one of the pioneer IT company and institution in the country. Measuring up to Malaysia's Vision 2020, Cosmopoint aim to drive Malaysians to be part of the information rich society. Cosmopoint strive to achieve the goal by developing an IT literate nation that would embrace sophisticated technology at ease. Cosmopoint specializes in education, corporate training, multimedia development, software development and IT consulting. Its education unit offers courses in the area of Information Technology, Multimedia and Computer Graphic Design. Cosmopoint is the only IT and Multimedia institution in the country that is also known as one of the leading multimedia and IT consulting companies.

From a meager beginning of a training center to an institution with campuses throughout the nation, Cosmopoint has met the needs of our nation for highly skilled IT workers. We have generated and continuing to produce quality IT manpower. To date Cosmopoint has spawned over 5,500 graduates and trained 10,000 individuals annually. In line with its promise to exceed its customers' expectations, Cosmopoint consistently reviews and upgrades its courses to suit industry requirements.

The Curriculum

World class curriculum meeting the standards of BTEC HND, U.K, and TAFE, Australia.
Recognised and accepted by most international universities for entrance into their degree programmes.
Fulfils current industry requirements.
It covers 89 credit hours fulfilling the National Accreditation Board requirement for a Diploma programme.
Approved by the National Accreditation Board.
Covers 23 subjects compared with 8-12 subjects offered by other colleges. Emphasises on the latest software applications such as Microsoft, Macromedia and Adobe.
Focuses on practical training rather than theory.

The Facilities

Modern and unique surroundings afford a sophisticated and comfortable learning environment.
Application of CAS 2000, the state-of-the-art College Administrative System in Malaysia.
Modern and fully equipped computer laboratories.
Big and comfortable lecture halls.
Computer labs with direct Internet links to the world. A well-stocked library with an inventory of the latest books and magazines.
State-of-the-art educational technology boasting the latest audio-visual equipment and multimedia projectors.
All lecture halls and computer labs are equipped with hall mounted projectors.

The Educational System

A semester and credit hour system adopted by most local and foreign universities.
A total of 89 credit hours for the entire programme and 16 weeks per semester.
Emphasis on practical training apart from examination scores.
Overall performance comprises 70% from projects, assignments and training, and 30% from final examination score.
The modular educational concept enables students to complete their studies according to a flexible schedule.
Lectures are conveyed in multimedia format to achieve an effective educational system.

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