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Penang Medical College

Penang Medical College is a partnership in medical education between the Penang State Government (through the Penang Development Corporation) and the Irish Medical Colleges of the National University of Ireland (NUI): the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland (RCSI) and the University College Dublin (UCD). The purpose is to deliver a medical programme that combines the best of both worlds: an Irish medical degree (the MB BCH BAO conferred by NUI) where graduates are well versed in the disease patterns and the healthcare system of the country in which they will eventually practice: Malaysia. It is a NOT-FOR-PROFIT Instituition committed to developing professionals capable of independent practice.

The MB BCh BAO degrees are recognised by the IMC (Irish Medical Council), MMC (Malaysian Medical Council), Sri Lankan Medical Council as well as other regulatory bodies throughout the world. The degrees allow the holder to pursue postgraduate training worldwide.

Penang Medical College is also listed in the World directory of medical schools published by the WHO as well as IMED (the International Medical Education Directory).

Students spend the initial 2½ or 3½ years in Dublin undergoing their pre-clinical training with our partner Colleges in Ireland. They subsequently return to Penang Medical College to complete their clinical training.

The first intake for this programme left for Dublin in September 1996. The first cohort of fourteen students from Dublin joined the newly-opened campus of PMC in March 1999. They graduated in 2001 and were posted to various government hospitals throughout Malaysia and Ireland.

The PMC campus is very centrally located, close to the heart of Georgetown. It is within a 5-minute walking distance from the Penang General Hospital, where most of the clinical teaching takes place.

The College grounds incorporate a heritage building which currently houses the Administrative wing. A four-storey complex was built on the grounds prior to the return of the first cohort of students. The complex houses most of the modern facilities required for the training of medical professionals.

Courses offered by Penang Medical College
Bachelor of Medicine
Bachelor of Surgery
Bachelor of Obstetrics

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